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From the 2nd October 2020 the travelling exhibition MADE IN: CRAFTS – DESIGN NARRATIVES will move to the Werkraumhaus. The exhibition is a result of two-year activities conducted by six partnering organizations: Museum of Arts and Crafts, OAZA (Croatia); Museum of Architecture and Design (Slovenia); Werkraum Bregenzerwald (Austria); Nova Iskra, Mikser (Serbia), within a larger MADE IN Platform initiative.


The exhibition showcases the Crafts Archive of 40 craftspeople from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Serbia through photo documentation and stories, and raises questions about the production in the contemporary world within eight chapters, Crafts—Design Narratives realized through collaborations of more than 30 craftspeople and more then 40 designers from all over the Europe. The curatorial concept is built upon the idea of expending the MADE IN platform through future exhibitions. The potential hosts are encouraged to contribute to the Crafts Archive by mapping locally specific crafts and conducting new Crafts—Design Collaborations.



Because of the new exhibition, the
Werkraumhaus is closed from September 29th
to October 1st, 2020.


Summer exhibitions 2020

Dear visitors,

this summer two new exhibitions will be shown in the Werkraumhaus. With the temporary workshop of the Werkraumschule Bregenzerwald, an “open” workshop is moving into the Werkraumhaus, in which you can discover various projects from the Werkraumschule Bregenzerwald. For the exhibition “Generation Köln meets Werkraum Bregenzerwald”, Generation Köln – a collective of four designers – traveled to the Bregenzerwald in summer 2019, where they met five selected craftsmen, all members of Werkraum Bregenzerwald. In this special collaboration, various pieces of furniture, mostly made in silver fir, were created, in which the impressions of the landscape, traditions, building culture and handicrafts can be found.


Your visit at the Werkraumhaus
The safety of our visitors is very important to us. We have been instructed in the applicable hygiene and clearance rules and would like to enable you to have a pleasant visit.

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