Werkraum Lädolar


The Werkaum Lädolar breaks new ground in vocational placement, with the name itself representing a symbolic link to the old order in the trades (craft store), loaded with new requirements and developments.


Based on a basic concept, 43 apprentices have, along with their masters and an architect, created 15 small mobile containers for illustrative advertising of their apprenticeship professions. The basic modules of the individual containers are equipped with an attached info shop. Distinctive tools and basic information on education and career prospects are kept here.


The individually designed containers on wheels are an expression of the diversity of the professions in trades, experienced through the use of materials, techniques and technologies, via colours, shapes and surfaces. Arranged together, they give a colourful picture of the trades and invite you to work at the workbench and to live promotions and events.


The transport of the small apprenticeship ambassador is accomplished practically in 2 large containers. Thus the Werkraum Lädolar is readily accessible for use in many places.


Specific applications include schools, exhibitions, fairs and all vocational information platforms. The personal accompaniment by craftsmen or apprentices allows versatile and lively forms of presentation, educational preparation and follow-up, as well as individual study of questionnaires and documents. With Lädolar, the Werkraum Bregenzerwald strengthens its placement potential and secures companies for the qualified and motivated next generation.


With the Werkraum Lädolar, the Werkraum Bregenzerwald was nominated for the 2009 Austrian State Prize for Design.