let it beat faster

more time, more perspective,

more experience, a greater



The new Werkraumschule Bregenzerwald combines apprenticeship and a trade school into a 5-year educational program that can open all doors and gives you enough time to get a sense of what you are really drawn to.

Material and your hands communicate. You can intensively familiarise yourself with the different materials such as wood, cloth, skin/hair, metal, electric, water, concrete, paint, IT, stone, eat, nature or food on 25 afternoons. Additionally in a 4-week internship twice, you will gain an accurate picture of the professions, the companies and the working methods. Your heart will listen.

The new Werkraumschule Bregenzerwald gives you insight into many descriptions and allows you a wide variety of education in the trades:

Joiner, glazier, window installer, carpenter, floor layer, upholsterer, tailer/seamstress, shoemaker, feltmaker, hairdresser, metal technician, goldsmith, car mechanic, electrical installation technician, plumber, roofer, tinsmith, bricklayer, painter, printer, baker, butcher, IT technician, graphic artist, stone sculptor, stonemason, gardener, furcae builder





At a glance

5-year education model as a cooperative effort of the Werkraum Bregenzerwald and the Trade School Bezau


Apprencticeship and trade school diploma incl. the enterpreneur´s examination


Accompanied internship weeks for concrete experiences with materials, job descriptions, procedures and companies


Smooth transition from school to apprenticeship