Werkraum Bregenzerwald



Werkraum Bregenzerwald is a craft and trade association established in 1999, uniting craftsmen of different guilds, promoting cooperation and exchange of ideas. Today, it consists of more than 90 members representing different crafts and trades such as carpentry, cabinet making, metal work, plumbing, electrical engineering, upholstery, construction, clothing, shoemaking, goldsmith and other service sectors. Most workshops are small enterprises with fewer than 10 employees. The activities of Werkraum are financed through annual membership fees and funds from government and the EU, and regional subsidies and private sponsorships. Current CEO is Thomas Geisler, and the Chairman of the Board is Martin Bereuter.


Werkraum Bregenzerwald strives for sustainable development of crafts and trade of the region through:

Economic sustainability by maintaining and creating local jobs and training opportunities;

Ecological sustainability by producing long-term goods for daily use;

Social sustainability by establishing trusting relationships and personal connections;

And cultural sustainability by preserving the quality of crafts and ensuring cultural continuity.


What started as a regional initiative now receives international acknowledgement as a model for modern craft professions.





Chairman Martin Bereuter, Lingenau
Vice chairman Peter Fink, Bezau
Anton Mohr, Andelsbuch
Werner Schedler, Andelsbuch
Vorderwald Michael Fetz, Alberschwende
Mittelwald Harald Berchtold, Schwarzenberg
Hinterwald Claus Schwarzmann, Schoppernau