MADE IN – Craft and Design Narratives

October 1, 2018 – January, 2021


Made in is a research, design and heritage initiative encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange between traditional craftsmen and contemporary designers. The aim of the project is to revitalize crafts tradition and educate designers about material and immaterial heritage, thus creating new, authentic and more sustainable face of contemporary design.


The Made in project aims to promote European craft heritage and innovative contemporary design to general public.  The goal of the project is to establish knowledge exchange platforms, constructive dialogue, and ultimately, new collaborative practices between craftsmen and designers.


Made in emerged from the heightened awareness of the crucial role that traditional crafts and manufactories play in creating and sustaining local and European identity. Particularly in this age of globalization, the crafts – tightly woven into the fabric of local communities – present a way to preserve local identity and local distinctiveness. Furthermore, the craft production supports sustainable practices using locally sourced materials and encouraging re-usage / repair of existing products and thus promoting slow consumption (versus today’s age of excess).

However, craft workshops and craftsmen are disappearing from urban environments, expelled by overwhelming quantities of cheap “made in China” products. The craft and small manufacturing productions do not find a place within the contemporary designer practices. This is mostly due to the lack of direct exposure of new generations to the values, specifics and histories of these crafts, which present an essential part of any culture.


Austria: Werkraum Bregenzerwald
Croatia: Museum of Arts and Crafts (leading partner), Oaza Studio
Serbia: Nova Iskra – Creative hub, Mikser
Slovenia: Museum of Architecture and Design


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MADE IN in the Bregenzerwald region

Workshop: Crafting, Cleaning & Caring with Rianne Makkink

May, 2019 – Werkraumhaus

Crafted objects and items gain beauty over time simply by using them. Repairing and maintaining them add layers of patina. A long lasting relation between the object and the subject. The workshop Crafting, Cleaning & Caring by Dutch designer Rianne Makkink and partner of Studio Makkink & Bey explored the materiality and immateriality of this relation. In collaboration with local craftspeople, producers and makers the participants worked with traditional techniques and experimentation.



Photo: Matthias Dietrich



MADE IN Seminar: Design&Crafts on Display #3

May, 2019 – Werkraumhaus

The third MADE IN Seminar took place in the scenic Alpine setting of Bregenzerwald. Werkraum Bregenzerwald – a collaborative of around 100 regional craft and trade companies – hosted the partners and invited guests for a two day experience in the Werkraumhaus and its surrounding workshops at the end of May, 2019. Designed by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor the building serves as a showcase and community centre of the regional craftspeople. The seminar discussed modes and places to display contemporary crafts and design. 



Photo: Matthias Dietrich