Special exhibition: Learning Lab


Foto: Roswitha Schneider



Learning Lab – Werkraumschule Bregenzerwald

26 January – 11 June, 2019


The Werkraumschule Bregenzerwald (Werkraumschool) is a pilot training project for vocational orientation in crafts and trade. The cooperative project was started in 2016 by the Werkraum Bregenzerwald and the Bezau Wirtschaftsschulen (BWS – Commercial Colleges); it is structured into five school grades with a curriculum covering commercial and dual vocational training in crafts. Training takes place in the BWS, the craft workshops in the region and temporarily in this “Learning Lab”.


The five years of the Werkraumschule act as a seamless transition between secondary school and apprenticeship, supported by coaching and practical experience in the regional craft companies. An intensive vocational orientation phase and individual support in the first three years help in the choice of occupation. The curriculum includes general education, commercial and creative basics and a broad-based knowledge of crafts and skills.


In the Learning Lab set up here the pupils get together each week for their training in crafts. The location is ideal for knowledge- and experience-sharing with the focus on an active approach and dialogue. Furthermore, children and young people, visitors, member companies and guests are invited to discover the “open workshop” in the Werkraumhaus and to take part hands-on themselves.


Find out more at www.werkraum.at/werkraumschool




Foto: Roswitha Schneider



The Werkraumschule Bregenzerwald is supported by the State of Vorarlberg, the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce, the Vorarlberg Chamber of Labour, the Regio Bregenzerwald, the Federal Ministry of Education, also the partner enterprises and private sponsors such as Würth and the Hypo Spendenfonds.


As pilot activity, the further development of the Werkraumschule is part of the project DuALPlus, which is co-financed by the Alpine Region Programme within the European Regional Development Fund.