Handwerk+Form 2015



Handwerk+Form is one of the most important activities of Werkraum Bregenzerwald. It is a competition uniting local craftsmen with international designers and architects. The competition originated in 1991, when the Craft and Trade Association of the community of Andelsbuch in Bregenzerwald celebrated its bicentennial anniversary. For this occasion, the Association wanted to present a contemporary image of the trade with foresight. A project group in cooperation with designer Harry Metzler came up with the idea of a competition bringing together craftsmen and designers. It was so successful that what was a single jubilee event became a triennial tradition since 2000 with Werkraum Bregenzerwald as organizer.


Handwerk+Form is held by the seventh time in 2015, with 115 submissions from 84 designers/planners including submissions from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Finnland in collaboration with 76 workshops from the region of Bregenzerwald. An international jury judged the submitted works based on the following criteria: aesthetic form, adequate use of material, functionality and suitability for daily use. Ten prizes and 25 recognitions were awarded.


The exhibition Handwerk+Form following the competition shows all submitted works in various locations within the community of Andelsbuch. Old workshops (a bakery, a blacksmith’s foundry, a sawmill, a butcher’s shop and barns) are adopted as exhibition spaces. The ambience of the old buildings adds an interesting light to the modern exhibition, reminding the visitors of a long craftsman’s tradition in Bregenzerwald. Visitors can stroll from one location to another, with time for reflection and discussion. Works designed for outside

use are exhibited along the way. Simultaneous to the exhibition a journal is published documenting all works.


Handwerk+Form not only serves to revitalize the local tradition and industry, but also has the potential of becoming an impetus for modern designers.


During the Exhibiton of Handwerk+Form the Werkraum House serves as meeting and info point, with a shop and a childs construction site.





Öffnungszeiten Ausstellung
10./11. und 15./16./17./18. Oktober 2015
täglich von 10– 18 Uhr


Tagesticket 10,– EUR
Ermäßigter Eintritt für Werkraum Freunde, Standard Abonnenten und Studierende 6,– EUR
Ermäßigter Eintritt für Familien und Senioren am 15. und 16. Oktober 6,– EUR
Kinder und Jugendliche bis 18 Jahre und Lehrlinge freier Eintritt


Bewirtung, Rahmenveranstaltungen, Shop und Information befinden sich im Werkraumhaus. Für die kleinsten Gäste ist an den Ausstellungwochenenden eine betreute Kinderbaustelle eingerichtet, heuer mitbetreut vom Verein Hand in Hand.


Anreise mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln
Bahnhof Bregenz – Buslinie 35 bis Egg, umsteigen auf Linie 40 oder 37 bis Andelsbuch Gemeindeamt
Bahnhof Dornbirn – Buslinie 40 bis Andelsbuch Gemeindeamt
Anreise mit dem Auto
Autobahn A14 – Ausfahrt Dornbirn Nord – Achraintunnel –
Alberschwende – Egg – Andelsbuch


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