(Digital) Learning Workshop | Werkraumschule

The learning workshop – the temporary classroom of the Werkraumschule in the Werkraumhaus. This is where the Werkraum students come together with craftsmen and designers for joint craft work. The focus is on doing and dialogue. It is exchanged – new knowledge and experience gained. Hands and material communicate. Objects are created. In addition, children and adolescents, visitors, member companies and guests in the Werkraumhaus are invited to discover the “open” workshop and to take action themselves.


From June 4, 2020, the learning workshop will move back to the Werkraumhaus. Two different projects of the pupils can be seen: The completed project would2050, which was realized in the last few months together with the KLAR! Region Vorderwald-Egg / would2050 and nine Vorderwald communities. The Wetterhäuschen project of the second year, on which the pupils will work in the learning workshop, is still in the making.


Until then, we cordially invite you to discover our digital learning workshop. We created these so the work of the students is visible even in these times!